Friday, November 16, 2012


From my next upcoming mod:
I love Dwarven Ruins. Their enemies are fun to fight as well.

I had fun experimenting with the Dynamic Lighting in Skyrim

Yes, those are vicious killer goats

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kickstarter project cancelled

My kickstarter project for the sequel was cancelled. You can read the post for more details.

Honestly, a part of me knew the project would never succeed. But we live in a world where independent developers are getting funding every day to create games. Even super small niche games with very little mass appeal get lots of funding on kickstarter. Apparently a mod for an existing game is in a total different ball-park.

What surprised me the most was some of the hostility I read on the internet. Some people seemed genuinely offended that I was asking for money to create a mod. Many comments started out hurtful, with me being accused of generating a shitty mod and then 'having the gall' to ask for money to do what others do for free.

This I don't understand. What is so offensive about asking for money? People ask for money every day. Some provide soup for free (Volunteers at a soup kitchen) and some provide soup for a fee (Souper Salad anyone?) Should I be offended that a restaurant charges for soup, just because others give it away for free? Some seem to think that the profit motive is a sin, I honestly don't think a volunteer at a Soup Kitchen is any better or worse than a Waitress at a restaurant. Both are providing a valuable service. I guess some think the Volunteer is more admirable because she's not motivated by money, just compassion for other humans.

Was I motivated by money to make a Kickstarter? HELL NO. The kickstarter was an attempt to make a mod I could never do in my free time. If I did it to make money, I woulda started a project to launch a Business; Never once did I have the allusion that I could make a profit from developing mods. I just wanted to break even.

 It was an experiment; a failed experiment. But as the Mythbuster's say, 'Failure is ALWAYS an option' At this point, I just want to put the whole thing behind me, and focus on my next mod coming out.