Friday, November 16, 2012


From my next upcoming mod:
I love Dwarven Ruins. Their enemies are fun to fight as well.

I had fun experimenting with the Dynamic Lighting in Skyrim

Yes, those are vicious killer goats


  1. I'm glad you are still making mods, I am little bummed that there won't be a DBR2 but its nothing to big, i will be sure to download this when it comes out

    You have great ideas, but sadly, with most modders, there is too much ambition and not enough time or money, I can't even begin to imganine what you could produce with a team. But as it stands now, I am looking forward to this dungeon mod

  2. I do hope you'll be able to make Dark Brotherhood Resurrection part 2

  3. The Merchants of Gold quest is bugged on DBHR just to let yea know killed all the gold-love family and nothing happen also killed them in order and didn't complete the quest