Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'mmmm baaaack!!!!

For those wondering why I haven't posted anything in a while, its because I got a new job and had to move to a new city. Only recently did I get internet back, yay!!!
I'm real sensitive about my privacy. This is the only known picture of me that exists on the internet:

And I'm really happy about that. I'll be happy if that is the only known picture of me for the rest of my life.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Secret Keys

Several players wrote in to ask me about the secret keys in The Rabbit Hole. Where are they? What are they good for? So I made a video that explains the whole thing:

As always, a text version of this walkthrough is available on the zoywiki:

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bug Fixes!

Moar bugs Nom Nom Nom!!!
Just spent last weekend fixing a load of bugs that where reported and collated on this wiki:

If you aren't subscribed using the nexus mod manager, be sure to download the latest update:

If you subscribed in the steam workshop, you should automatically get the latest version.

I've been watching this guys playthroughs, which are honestly a little to long, and can be boring at times (he REALLY needs to edit out all the loading screens) but some moments are just golden! The link below should jump you to the best part:

Also: Thanks to everyone for your feedback on part 2! If you haven't made a comment yet, please do! The voting is still open

Monday, April 8, 2013

Need Suggestions

So this weekend I will be turning my attention back to The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection, since The Rabbit Hole has shipped, and is pretty much bug-free at this point.

I already have some ideas for what Averna and Stabby will be doing in part 2, the quests they will ask you to undertake. What's not certain is what the Listener's focus will be, so i'm asking for some input.
I had originally intended to tell the tale of the Listener establishing outposts and new sanctuaries around Tamriel, but the mod "The Black Hand Embassy" seems to be covering that (of course I could still tell the same story but from my vision)

So i'm asking anyone who still reads this blog for input. What should the main focus of part 2 be?

  1. The Dark Brotherhood restoring to their full glory
  2. The Dark Brotherhood vs. The Morag Tong
  3. The Dark Brotherhood vs. a New, unforeseen enemy
  4. More evil goldsmiths to kill, ala Part 1?
Leave your suggestions in the comments! Or email me at

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bug Scrub

So now that the Rabbit Hole has shipped (which has been getting pretty positive feeback BTW)
I am turning my attention back to the Dark Brotherhood Resurrection. I went through all my old emails, answered all the ones I had failed to answer (sorry about the delays guys) and all the old comments I hadn't read. I collated all the bug reports into one single page:

This is my TODO list for the next few weeks. Will be working on this and bug fixes for the Rabbit Hole, so progress may be slow.

In addition, at work I am busy shipping an ALPHA for our new game. Should be announced next Monday. Wish I could tell you more, but unfortunately I can't say any more than what Dan Shoe has already said:

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Rabbit Hole Shipped!

It's always a great sigh of relief when I ship another Mod. And then the horror kicks in as I wonder if people will hate it. So far though, feedback has been positive. (admittedly, as of this post, it has only been live for an hour)

YES! finally, i have been waiting for this since the first screenshots, and i see just randomly under new, this is my day- gamecreatorjj
You're a genius.- Xillante

See what I mean? Only up for an hour and it already has raving reviews! This really makes me feel like all the long hours working late where worth it!
Special thanks has to go to dan.sherlock and kaylax87 for their help and encouragement!

You can grab the mod now at the Skyrim Nexus:

or Subscribe to it via the Steam Workshop:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

One Week

Exactly One week until my next mod: "The Rabbit Hole" is released, just in time for Easter!

I know a lot of people wanted me to move straight on to Part II of the Dark Brotherhood Resurrection, but I needed a break.

Also: I have learned SO very very much working on the Rabbit Hole. You may not realize this, because DBR was so good, but it was my very first mod for an Elder Scrolls game. There where a lot of newb mistakes. I had a bunch of ideas for part II that I wanted to do, but wasn't sure how to make it happen. Now that I've worked on the Rabbit Hole, I've learned how to make some of these ideas come to life.

Also, The Rabbit Hole is related, although very indirectly, to the DBR. You will find some of Stabby's writings in the Rabbit Hole linking the to mods together narratively.

So stay tuned, and I hope you'll all enjoy my next mod when it comes out!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Bechdel Test and Tomb Raider

The Bechdel test is used to determine if a work of fiction fairly represents women. It has three simple rules
1) The work of fiction must feature at least two female characters
2) who have a conversation between them
3) about something other than a man or men.

TVTropes has an excellent article on the subject (i actually prefer it to the wikipedia article)
First off, I'm super happy that The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection Passes! Both babette and Averna discuss killing people, sometimes men, sometimes women.

Lately I've been playing the Tomb Raider games. Steam had a sale and I got every TR game ever made for $15, which I consider a fantastic deal.

I've been playing the most recent titles, Tomb Raider Legend, TR: Aniversary (which is a great remake of the original Tomb Raider 1), and TR: Underworld. These three titles form a trilogy of sorts. I was in awe of how many strong empowered female characters there are in these games. The antagonists of all three titles are females. In fact, the primary antagonist of all TR games is an ancient imortal female ruler of Atlantis.

In the Tomb Raider games men are always secondary characters. They are either hired guns of the female antagonists, which relegates them to mini-boss status or just plain mooks, or they are hired by Laura. The men hired by laura either A) clean her mansion, or B) support her with technology/research and all three of them are rescued by laura on multiple occasions.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm a terrible person.

I've been neglecting both my mods. It's been months since I last updated. I'm really sorry, but I've just been really busy with things in my personal life lately. I still plan on pushing out the 'Rabbit Hole' by March (In time for Easter). And then after that I will be busy supporting the Rabbit Hole with bug fixes.

At some point, I really do want to go back and fix some of the remaining bugs in the DB Resurrection. With the technology I have, and my Voice Actresses enthusiasm, I could very well release additional content without releasing a second mod. It wouldn't be a part 2 per se, but I could wrap up the ending of part 1 a little better.

My apologies to those who have been trying to contact me via E-mail, I just haven't had time or mental energy to read and reply lately. I'm even more sorry to the Nexus community, I from time to time make posts on Steam Workshop because I use Steam for development at work every day, but I haven't visited the Nexus since last year.

Don't worry, the Dark Brotherhood Resurrection Creator shall Rise Again!