Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bugs, bugs, BUGS!

Ugh. Bug fixing. I'm writing this blog at work right now, I'm supposed to be fixing bugs for our build system but I really just want to fix bugs in my Mod!

Right now there are two main bugs people are experiancing:
1) Averna's shouts cause CTD
2) Some people can't start the quest
I have not experienced the averna crash yet, i'm gonna try it tonight, If anyone has this problem can you please email me

With detailed steps about what you where doing when the game crashed.

The Second one is very disturbing. Apparently a few people who have finished the DB questline cannot start the DBR questline. I'm asking anyone with this problem to please send me their save file.
By default your save games are stored in /My Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Saves
Please zip your save file and email them to me.

During the entire production of the mod I tested it with a save file that had completed the Dark Brotherhood quest. It wasn't until the last several months I started testing it with new save files, and found I had bugs to fix. If anyone was having problems starting my mod, i figured it would be people who started a new character, not those who had already finished the quest!

So, I have these two bugs to fix, and then I have to focus on my Nexus branch. I keep my mod in two branches, one for the Steam Workshop, and one for Skyrim Nexus. My mod has a few missing .lip files (these let the actors lipsync to the dialogue, so it looks like they are actually talking) I can't put these .lip files in the Workshop branch, because then i'll go over the upload limit. But nexus has plenty of room for me to add!

Tommorow i'll probably make a post about Perforce, and how AWESOME it is for Mod development, or any game development actually.
Until then, enjoy this excellent video review of my mod that was created by user SaioTV

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  1. Hi! The concept for the mod is great but I have a problem: On My computer I can't see in water so I have to use tcl to see in water, I did this for the quest Captain Shadpwscale I Presume and I stole His treasure but when I went back ashore the fight triggered and I killed cpt.Shadowscale, and I had to steal his treasure, but...I already did and now I can't finish the quest :c Is there a way to finish this objective?