Tuesday, October 23, 2012


There where two main voice actors for The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection: Part 1 . I myself did all the male voices, but my good friend and professional voice actress Meg McDonald (Lovingly refereed to as 'Meggers') did all the female voices, including the character Averna.

If the player buys a Torture room, Averna loves to hang out there

I struggled to give her good notes and direction with Averna, as her motives where always subtle and I didn't always take into consideration that Meg has never played an Elder Scrolls game. She did pretty good with the psychopathic, sadistic character, and her performance as a dying woman was fantastic. The part she had the most fun with, and the character I enjoy killing the most, is Susan Gold-Love

The only direction I gave her for this character was: “You are playing a drunk, rich teenager. The medieval version of a spoiled daddy's girl. I want this character to be as annoying as possible, I want the player to enjoy killing her

The performance she gave me was so stellar, I spent far too much time making sure the player could hear Susan's dialogue before even getting the quest to kill her.

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