Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I really, really hope this works. There is nothing I would like better than to work on the sequel full-time. Please check out this link and help me make The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection: Part 2


  1. Heya!

    Recently decided to get back into Skyrim, and yours was one of the mods I wanted to try out.

    I'm miles away from joining the Brotherhood on my current playthrough. On the way to get wood for my manor, I stop to pick up the Lover Stone on my map, and this argonian guy comes up and fights me out of the blue, and I get teleported. Or something. Very WTF.

    Anyway, I go toe-to-toe with the guy for a while with sword-and-board, knock him down... And he gets back up. I swig through a buttload of potions putting him down the second time... And he gets back up. I swig through the rest of my potions and use a level-up to restore my health/stamina at a critical moment, barely manage to put him down for the third time... and he gets back up.


    Okay... Clearly there's something I'm missing. :P

    A bit of googling brought me here. Looks like the version on Steam Workshop still has that issue where Captain Shadowscale swings by and starts kicking my ass for no apparent reason. If you want anything from me on this - my savegame, version of steam and SKSE, list of mods I'm running at the moment, machine profile, whatever - just let me know and I'm happy to provide.

    So all I know of your work so far is getting my ass whipped by an NPC that I only met due to a bug. :D But that aside, it was still a very impressive fight: Insanely challenging but still barely achievable, it really put my blocking skills to the test. Not sure if it was well balanced or I just lucked out at being at the perfect level/build to make it just the right amount of challenge - but either way, was still a good fight, despite the bug.

    +1 Kickstarter backer. Looking forward to getting my voice in the game. ^_^

  2. Man, you have to change your Kickstarter pledges quickly. With a starting pledge of $25 it will never succeed. In project Eternity you get a full copy of the game for just $20. And this is for a mod which will be free in the end. Only very few people will want to spend $25 for sth. many other people will get for free. I would suggest sth like $5, $10, $20, ... . I would have pledged $5 out of sympathy but nothing more. Hell, I don't even know whether I want to play Skyrim in a year, lol.