Friday, October 26, 2012


Just finished uploading two major bug fixes to the mod. The first update on the Nexus was hudge, but that's because version 1.0 had more bugs than the workshop version! Because of a bad archive, users where crashing to desktop when using Averna's shouts, and none of the actors where moving their lips when talking!

  • Version 1.1 update fixed the Nexus bugs, but it also featured improvements to the quest Bring out your virgins (Some users were not getting credit for killing virgins)
  • Version 1.2 fixed a bug that was preventing Stabby from following some players, also prevented the mod from starting.
  • Version 1.3 fixed players not being able to kill the final boss.
So far I have only fixed the major bugs, ones that prevent players from finishing the game. There is a much bigger list of minor bugs I hope to fix this weekend:
- Mod adds a broken new 'Breton' race, causes an extra floating head in character creation screen
- The quest marker after Yuvon is killed points to the wrong place
- The Nexus version still does not have lip files for all Audio

Some might be wondering 'Why haven't you fixed the minor bugs yet?' the truth is, every single update I make has the possibility of introducing new bugs. Even Bethesda fell into this trap when their Xbox 360 patch caused dragons to start flying backwards!

So now that I have confirmed all the NPB's (non-playable bugs) have been fixed, I plan on turning my attention this weekend to the minor bugs.

Also, have I mentioned we now have a Wiki? It features a full walkthrough for the mod. It's not quite complete yet, I also plan on finishing it this weekend.

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